Monday, April 8, 2013

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We managed to get the insulation up in our "green room" and now I can place the starts in sunlight!  I am replanting all the ones that went leggy on me.  Still - so much to learn!

I am hoping that I will be able to grow in here through the winter.  I am planning on an upside down tomato or two, lettuce, spinach, all the herbs we can grow and who knows what else.

This room used to be our back patio.  It is completely covered so I added the 2 new walls to enclose the space.  It has 2 interior windows to help maintain temperature.  The end window (in these pics) is in a wall nearly 10' tall.  After the interior wall coverings go on it will have a wall mounted rack system running floor to ceiling and its own grow light (mainly for winter time).  I figure I can probably set up 5 or 6 shelves at 2'x6' (or just slightly smaller) giving me 60-70 sq ft of growing space - on just that end wall!

Vegetable Garden, 2013

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