Monday, October 7, 2013

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The House just passed a law guaranteeing federal workers to be compensated back pay for their furloughed time, after the shut-down ends. Are…you… kidding us?  So the furloughs and shut-down will save zero money. The only effect is to deny the public the services those federal civil services were rendering and that now will be paid for, anyway.  Services like...

... the SEC monitoring the scuzzy finance industry transactions that crashed the economy. Or answering queries when a gun store does a responsible background check on a buyer.  Or running clinics for poor/expectant mothers. Or running Pentagon audits to make sure we get our money's worth from defense contractors, or science at NHS and NASA, and NIMH, and DARPA and NSF. Or running the FBI's white collar crimes division….

…oh, wait a minute.  All right, then.  What the GOP is doing all makes sense after all. It is wholly consistent and not hypocritical after all. Never mind.

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