Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Let's be clear about what is going on here in the United States - The facts are that Mr. Obama has never been in private sector business nor industry and does not have an appreciation for, or have the slightest clue about just how extremely important the art of negotiations are - Negotiating is not a sign of weakness! - Recently as one young boy in a 5th grade class doing a report about 'inventors and their mind-set' said "The best sign of intelligence is when someone asks questions!"

....If up-grading manpower to barricade and close off public monuments in Washington that are accessible "outdoors" - that are "walk-able" - and open 24/7/365 does not speak volumes of just what a little man of weak intelligence he truly is - and if you cannot see just how disingenuous and how far this man goes to be spiteful and generally goes out of his way and does every little thing possible he can (e.g. compulsively late) to disrespect and just generally erk people off - to lift his ego up, I truly feel for your gullibility and naïveté. 

Again, good ideas are NOT accomplishments - implementing them into working functioning models are! ....Simply put, the man is extremely "cunning" not "intellectual" - If he was he wouldn't have hidden all his past education, or lack there of!

Obama is pure 'Power Drunk' - that mixed with his pathological traits and his extremely inflated ego are an very very dangerous mix! It will take this country decades to recovery from his damage.

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