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Today, our country is in peril. We require broad sweeping changes in order to continue the government's long standing tradition of protecting the weak and defending the innocent. The federal government's abuse of power has become unwieldy, and without being checked, we will wake up one morning trying to figure out exactly when Caesar disbanded the Senate. Maybe you, like me, are already at that point.

There are many possible solutions to this dilemma. Talk of revolt reverberates across the internet, but that sort of action is a last resort, and we have not even begun to attempt to actually fix this problem from the inside. That is the goal of this community, to organize a national effort to have the state governments ratify a Constitutional amendment which will curtail the abuses of the Executive Branch, and at the same time grant them much needed additional powers which were not perceived by the founding fathers.

Over the course of the last several decades, it has become apparent that the rules and regulations regarding not only the Executive Branch but also the Legislative and Judicial have fostered a level of corruption in the system which could not have been perceived.

The Congressional need for re-election seems to have compromised the system. In conjunction with this need, created by the mere existence of career politicians, whose subsistence is predicated on their devotion not to their constituency, but rather to the corporations which provide funding for their information campaigns to garner votes from an uniformed and ignorant public. The existence of lifetime career politicians has corrupted the system, and term limits need to be imposed in order to ensure proper representation. Also, campaign contributions from corporations need to be severely limited, these organizations are not the primary concern of government, they are in fact, one of its biggest enemies today.

The Supreme Court, and its lifetime terms are equally compromised. For the last two decades, the Executive Branch responsible for ignoring the law of the land, and repeatedly violating not only the letter of the law but also the spirit of the morals of the country has been responsible for seating every single member of the Court. Since 1984, administrations tied to narcotics trafficking, organized crime, and Central Intelligence Agency abuses have now placed in lifetime office a group of corrupt judges who, not three days ago, destroyed the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Their lack of discretion, via this treasonous and immoral 5-4 decision is a glaring example of just how bad things have become. The nomination of Judges by the President is antiquated, restrictive, and so susceptible to corruption that one family has effectively single handedly nominated five of the nine sitting Judges. Please. We need general elections for these positions, and we need them now.

Since 9/11, starting with George W. Bush and continuing like a deadly juggernaut under Obama, the Executive has taken a mechanism which was designed for clarification of legislation and turned it into a tyrannical edict. The "Executive Order" should be completely removed from our government. It's abuse has been too great to allow a single person to codify law for generations to follow. Make no mistake, ignoring the Separation of Powers clause of the Constitution of the United States of America is high treason, plain and simple.

Article V of the Constitution decrees that upon the request of 75% of the state legislatures, Congress will call a Convention for proposing amendments. This is exactly what we require today.

Today, our country is in peril. We require broad sweeping changes in order to continue the...

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