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How to build quality circles Circle sharing is getting a bad reputation these days, mainly because ...

How to build quality circles

Circle sharing is getting a bad reputation these days, mainly because of the "+1 and reshare to get into this circle" phenomenon.

If you run such a circle, consider removing this criteria. It attracts a lot of spammers, and you don't want that?

Instead, take a look at a set of rules I have come up with for adding profiles with higher quality:

Profile completely filled out
No ifs or buts. The profiles in your circle will often be used by new people on G+, and we all need to know exactly who we add. And generally, spammers do not take the time to fill out their profiles!
Example: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+StephanHovnanian/about

Profile picture of the person
Not their kid or pet. And not a company logo. I am talking about profiles here, not pages.

Coverphoto changed
May sound unnecessary, but as this will serve as examples for beginners, I want it all to be correct. It also gives you another possibility to learn to know the person behind the profile.

Posting frequency
Latest post should not be older than 7 days. This means that no inactive profiles end up in your circle.

High ratio of own content to resharing
Minimum 60%-40%. Meaning that for every 10 posts, minimum 6 should be original posts, not reshares. Why go for the resharers when you can go one step up and find the original content?

No memesharers or profiles that just shares tons of photos
If the photos are their own, it is good. But people that just steal other peoples pictures and post the are just content hoarders. It has nothing to do with real content. It is ok if someone posts a picture or meme now and then. But the photographer should always be credited!

No profiles that has a high count of circle sharing
If someone spend most of their time sharing circles, what is there to interact with? Google+ is all about interaction, not how many followers you have.

Only make circles with specific themes
You should have a reason for making a circle. And keep it small so that you have the time to maintain it. If you want photography, add 50-100 photographers in a circle and make sure they all follow the rules above. You could even be more specific and go for landscape photographers. Or 50-100 food bloggers/chefs. Or 50-100 writers. Find your own themes.

When I am considering adding someone to my circles, these are points I consider. I want people that I can learn something from and that I can interact with.

Can you think of any other things? What do you think of these rules?

Picture credit: Louis Tan - http://www.flickr.com/photos/louistan3/

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