Sunday, September 14, 2014


14 - 1 (4)

Another week down and 9 more to go!  I really expected to end the week at 117 or 188 lbs.  The scale seemed to be dropping nearly a pound a day until I hit the weekend.  Then it went up 3 lbs in 2 days.  Grrrrr!  But then it was time for measurements and I was surprised to see a little more than inch off my waist!  YES!!  Finally.  And no further loss from the shoulders.

And once I plugged all the new information into the AGNRC I discovered I can eat close to 25% more calories a day.  AWESOME!  1,000 was starting to drag me down energy-wise and the last 2 days were my “refeed” days it seems.  Even with the little bit of refeed I ended up averaging 1,102 calories/day.  Can you say hitting another goal!

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