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Today ended Week 2 with measurements and such.  A little disappointed, but expecting the loss of inches in the shoulders and upper body but was also expecting a bit of a loss on the waist.  Nope!  Not this week!  And after those Day 1 and 3 workouts, I thought for sure I’d be down 8 or 10 lbs – just from sweat loss!  Alas, not to be.

As I said last week, my goal this week was to approach a 1300/day calorie intake average.  My total for the week is 8,882 which is an average per day of 1,269!  Achievement unlocked.  My goal for this week upcoming will be 1100/day average.  Even though the gains are not fast enough for me, I am making gains.  Weight: –4 lbs, Waist: no change, shoulders: -0.75 inch and AI from 1.268 to 1.256.

As far as cutting back on calories, I believe the gradual cut back has helped a lot for my body to get used to it.  Dropping from an average 2750/day straight to 1000/day is a big jump.  And it’s only been the last 3 days that I got under 1000/day as I try the 16-20 hour fast cycle.  And if all goes well, I’ll have 2 700 calorie days this coming week.  Can you hear the fat sizzling?!

Tracking Graph (now in metric so I can see my weight on the same graph!)

AI Trend Data  AI Trend



Heart Rates for Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri.

Screenshots_2014-09-01-14-59-06 Screenshots_2014-09-02-12-35-28 Screenshots_2014-09-04-13-48-12 Screenshots_2014-09-05-12-37-49

HR Zones for Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri.

Screenshots_2014-09-01-14-59-15 Screenshots_2014-09-02-12-35-40 Screenshots_2014-09-04-13-48-21 Screenshots_2014-09-05-12-38-00

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