Monday, September 23, 2013

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Most people here know I am pro-Constitution and support and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And then I see the news about another person going on a rampage with a gun like what happened in the Navy Yard last week or the week before.  After that, I see a ton of posts about how we need stricter gun laws, make guns illegal and basically trample on our 2nd Amendment rights.

So here we are, concentrating on the 0.01% who commit these acts and wanting to punish the 99.99% because of it.  Really?  I mean really?  There is no such thing as a perfect system.  And in our efforts to make it a perfect system we have ended up with so much bureaucracy we can't even do what has been passed into law.  So, is the problem the 2nd Amendment or is it we have no way to find those 10 or 12 individuals each year?

WASHINGTON -- The government's sprawling system of background checks and security clearances is so unreliable it's virtually impossible to adequately investigate the nearly 5 million Americans who have them and make sure they can be trusted with access to military and sensitive civilian buildings...

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