Sunday, October 26, 2014

AI–Cat2/W10 (AT15/W9)


I’ve got 3 weeks left of CAT2 and 4 weeks left in the AT15 competition.  While my progress seemed stagnant this last week, I am chalking most of that up to too much salt in one of our bulk meals.  Salt = retained water in my eyes.  I’ll be continuing on this week and will find out how much the salt affected me! 

I also added 2 boosters to my workout for a couple of reasons.  (1) I needed to fill some time while my wife does her Venus workout and (2) I want to see growth in my shoulders and legs!

I also wanted to mention that I stopped wearing my heart rate monitor so I will no longer be posting heart rate information from Endomondo.

Tracking Graph

AI_Trend_Data AI_Trend


AGR_00 AGR_01


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