Thursday, August 28, 2014



Week 1, day 3.  Ok.  Kick my ass some more!  I am finding part of the workout is within my reach while about 1/4 is beyond my current capacity.  Right on!  I will say, JeFit is not really setup to track the circuit setup of this type of workout so I just took a snapshot of my workout sheet and listed it under JeFit.

My caloric intake went higher than I wanted.  I have to remember to take a sugar substitute with me on (NFL) game nights!  We don’t have cable/dish at home so we go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch our teams.  Last night was a double header with the Broncos at 6pm then the Seahawks at 8pm.  I drink iced tea and like it a little sweet – 4 packets of sugar per 32ozs of tea.  Live and learn!  Next time, Splenda or Stevia packets will go with me!

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