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Today is day two on this current journey.  I’m trying to come up with a format to keep things consistent, so patience as I work this out.  And thinking this through, I will be reporting on yesterday rather than today so I don’t have to feel like I need to write these right before bed.  :-)

Monday 08/25/2014

Caloric Intake

MFP Diary

With a lot of questions, a lot of complaints, and severe trepidation I started Cat 2 today. Here are my experiences so far for W1D1:

Trepidation: How am I supposed to drop from 2200/day to 1000/day? Is it safe? Is it truly "starvation mode"?
My Answers:

  • Starvation Mode - Being a former Jarhead I can speak somewhat to the military 1000/day diet. It sucks! Plain and simple. And, it does not kill you or weaken you in the short term. In the longer term you will be malnourished, burning muscle mass and start looking like you came from a death camp. Now remember, a typical military man in this situation is burning 4500 or more calories a day. Most of us will be lucky to hit 3000 in a day and we only do it for 4 days/week (not 30 days straight!) *AND* we should start seeing an increase in our caloric intake after a couple of weeks as we burn off layers (unlike a good grunt who is already in shape before facing a gauntlet).
  • My 1000 calories today - I am currently just a little over 300 calories intake, consisting of a Nutrilite Cookies and Cream Whey Protein Bar, a Dr Blast XS, a Naranja Blast and a Perfect Water. My lovely wife is cooking up lunch which is a chicken stir fry and dinner tonight is salmon, steak and veggies. I'll post my MFP sheet for today, tomorrow after it is complete.

Caloric burn

Workout: I've been working out using a typical system of 3 sets of 10 reps (more or less) before I opted into the Adonis program. I tore the small vertical muscles between L3 and L5 back in April and stopped working out until last week. Picking up where I left off was a mistake as my triceps are total hamburger *before* working out today.

Today's Workout: If I understand the system correctly, each circuit has 3 exercises which are to be done back-to-back followed by a 1 minute rest. OK. I can do that. I am not *that* out of shape. Uh huh. Dream on lover boy. Here is my Endomondo capture with a heart rate monitor for today:

Screenshots_2014-08-25-13-59-35 Screenshots_2014-08-25-14-01-01  Screenshots_2014-08-25-14-00-39

In my previous workouts I was burning about 400-500 calories and my zones were typically in Warm Up and Fat Burning. As you can see from today, I burnt over 1,000 calories and was in the next 2 higher zones; Aerobic and Anaerobic. Huge difference!

I've been using JeFit to track my workouts.  Unfortunately, for those days that are based on Circuit Training, JeFit is not the best fit.  However, after the fact I can fill in the workouts and then track reports on those days that are in the typical workout (bulking?) mode.  So, in the next post, you should be able to see day 1 & 2.


2014-08-24While I've been a little worried about a greatly reduced caloric intake – so far so good.

And to capture my starting point on this program, here is my first AI.

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